WBR TT Threshold Challenge #pst RACE

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WBR TT Threshold Challenge #pst RACE

w/kg Target

You should be looking to target an average of 4.0 w/kg across the entire ride

WBR Tags

Please tag WBR after your name which helps us raise the profile of World Bicycle Relief and keep track of all riders during the event

Ride Description

This is one of Club WBR’s #ProStyleTraining rides. This is a 40 km TT effort. You will compete with other riders to finish the ride in under 60 minutes with the aim that week after week you will improve your time and see your Functional Threshold Power (FTP) increase. In order to make the ride fair for everyone all riders will be handicapped in bike, weight and height [see below]. This challenge will last 60 minutes.

Leader Information

No WBR Leader present: this race is automatically started by the event module.

Discord Channel Link

Discord channel not available for this event.
If you have the energy please either use the Group Text function in ZML or Type ‘M’ and message from your keyboard.


Zwift TT bike is mandatory.

Handicap Information

By using the following bike, weight and height adjustments you will make the most of this challenge ride.
You must use the Zwift TT bike in order to remove group draft benefits; to do this press the letter ‘T’ on your keyboard and select the ‘Zwift TT’ bike.
You also need to change your weight in kg’s to the product of your FTP divided by 4. To do this go into the MENU section and select the option to edit your profile. By way of example, for an FTP of 260 w you should set your weight to 260 / 4 = 65 kg
Whilst still in the MENU section set your height to 175 cm
You can make all these changes from within the pen whilst awaiting the start of the event.
Please always remember to change your weight and height back to their true values at the end of the ride!

Rider Behaviour

This is an individual challenge but, by riding as a group, the aim is to drive each other on with the collective spirit taking each rider further than they could go alone.

Keeper Information


Results of Mini-Race®

Results will automatically appear at the conclusion of the event. Mouse click on the leaderboard to stop the countdown to see full results. As this is a leaderless event, it would be a great help to Club WBR and add to the importance of the race if you took a screenshot of the final Zwift Leaderboard. Please then try to be the first to post it on the Club WBR Facebook group in order to encourage discussion about the event & how we can all improve. THANK YOU.

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